WWV  AR-Cluster V6 User Manual [Stored by DL9GTB]


Real-Time WWV Spots

When connected into a DX cluster you will receive WWV spots in real time.  You can also query for past WWV spot information.  The hour of each WWV spot is aligned with the publication times of: 00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18, or 21 in GMT.  The scales used in WWV forecasts can be found at http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/Data/info/WWVdoc.html.


Show WWV


The  SHow WWv  command can be used to output the latest WWV spots.    The default number of spots displayed can be set with the Set/WWV/Count command.


show wwv


The Show/Wwv/nn command allows you to specify the number of WWV spots displayed. 


show wwv 10

show wwv 30



The Show/WWV DTS command can be used to display announcement spots filtered by date-time stamp.  


show/wwv dts>2011-12-11 03:04:55
show/wwv  dts>2011-12-17 03:04:55 and dts<2011-12-18 03:04:55


Show WWV Options

The  SHow WWv Options  command is used to display the configuration of WWV spot options.   The following options are displayed: 

WWV/Count The default number of displayed WWV spots.

WWV/Output The output mode for WWV spots.  Valid modes are: Off, On.  Normally set to On.







Set WWV Options

The following options can be set using the SET/WWV command: 

Set/WWV/Count Set the default number of displayed announce spots

Set/ WWV /Default Sets WWV options back to their default factory settings.

Set/WWV/Output Sets the output mode for announce spots.  Valid modes are: Off, On. 



Set WWV Count

The  SEt WWv Count  command is used to set the default number of spots displayed for real-time and past WWV spots.


set/wwv/count 10        


Set WWV Default

The  SEt WWv Default  command is used to set the WWV options back to the default settings.  Default factory settings are:

Count 10

Output On


set wwv default        


Set WWV Output

The  SEt WWv Output  command is used to set output mode for real-time WWV spots.  Valid modes are:  Off, On. Settings options are defined as:

Off Turn off real-time WWV spots.

On Display the normal user spot format. Default setting.


set wwv output on         

set/wwv/output off